The LowBack and HighBack armchairs can optionally be equipped with a return function, which automatically returns the chair to its starting position when the user stands up.

RondoLift-ST is a height-adjustable sit-at and stand-at table, with integrated gas filledstrut and hand switch on the tabletop edge. Frame comprising of a central post/leg made from chrome-plated steel tube and adisc-shaped base with stainless steel cover

Designed by Egon Eiermann. The SE 42 is a unique three-legged chair. The seat and back is optimally adapted to the human shape: The SE 42 three-legged chair consists completely of molded wood; a unique innovation with highly distinctive lines.

Clean geometry, versatility and timeless design by VS make Stratos the perfect spec for higher education and forward- thinking corporate spaces. Stratos’ distinctive wood shell invites you in, and then delivers on comfort.


Flexible Office Solutions by VS

  • History
  • The Company
  • VS Technology

Establishment of VS

May 15, 1898 VS started business under the name Vereinigte Schulbankfabriken. The production site was Tauberbischofsheim, the commercial side was managed by the firm’s headquarters in Stuttgart. P. Johannes Müller & Co continued to exist as an independent company in Berlin and looked after the whole of the Northern German sales area.

A complete supplier 

VS covers the entire spectrum of the modern knowledge society. With holistic, intelligent and integrative solutions. VS is dedicated to customer satisfaction and to supplying premium ergonomic and environmentally friendly furniture to our customers.

Process planning and control

As a medium-sized company with its manufacturing base and administration located in Germany, VS is continually investing in modern manufacturing technology and further optimization of its automated production processes. Highly qualified employees enable the company to achieve strategic competitive advantages.

My Caddy

My Caddy consists of a tubular-steel skeleton with 4 steel posts and a solid-sheet base, as well as melamine-resin-coated LIGNOpal sides and a powder-coated, acoustically effective micro perforated-sheet back panel. With design or technical castors or optionally with adjustable feet.

Round Table

The RoundTable discussion table provides ample room – with diameter up to 220 cm. There is no external table leg to get in the way; the surface rests on a central table leg with x-base. Integrated in this central support – invisible behind the segments of aluminum cladding – is the cable feed from underneath. Flaps for power and data connection are flush-mounted to the surface and usable on three sides.

Just be

JustBe desks and tables are available with rectangular, oval, and pentagonal wedge-shaped tops- A delicate construction beech sub-frame, with slightly oblique, tapering drop-shaped legs,ensures a characteristic lightweight visual appearance. The sideboard provides storage space in the immediate vicinity of the desk and can be organized andaccessed from both sides

Team Space


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