Office Whiteboard Buying Guide for Any Size Office

If you're going to get the most out of your company, effective brainstorming has to be a big part of the process. Hashing out information gives you the chance to get all of your ideas on the table so your team can use them to get results. 

Having whiteboards can give you a timeless and effective way to get all of your ideas out so that your meetings achieve the results that you need. 

Here are some things you should know about buying a whiteboard for your workplace. 

Whiteboard mounted to wall

Buying the Right Whiteboard

There are several benefits to buying and using a whiteboard, which is why it's worth your time to shop around. When you purchase the right whiteboard, it'll pay off by:

  • Providing a central area to jot ideas that can stay up for as long as you need
  • Having the flexibility to quickly edit and create new ideas
  • Reducing your carbon footprint by brainstorming on a hard surface that you can easily clean
  • Bringing your company together to collaborate and contribute
  • Helping you create routines in your office that facilitate productive work weeks

Once you know the benefits, it's only right that you take the time to find the board that will help your company the most. There are some attributes that will help steer you toward what you need.  

Figure Out What Size Board Will Suit You

Before you go out and buy a dry erase board, start by figuring out where you're going to install it. It's best to install them in a central area with plenty of space for people to gather around it. 

Once you've chosen the space, you can determine what size white board will be best for your workplace. 

These boards come in a variety of sizes. Some examples include 48" x 36", 96" x 48", 72" x 48", 60" x 48", and 36" x 24". Measure it out on your wall so that you have a clear idea of how much space you're working with. 

It's better to have a little more than you need than not enough. Choose a big enough whiteboard so that you and your workplace can brainstorm without restraint.  

Consider the Design of the Board 

Once you know how big a whiteboard you need, make sure that you also choose the right design. This is important both from an aesthetic point of view and to make sure that the board serves you functionally. 

Think about the vibe and theme of your workplace and work backward. For instance, you might have a more formal workplace, which means a white board trimmed in wood grain or metal could serve you. More casual workplaces may prefer to use an all-white design. 

A white board with black trim can give a more distinguished look. Factor in these details so that the board looks great however you set it up in your office.  

Consider getting some lounge chairs so you can gather around the whiteboard for group presentations. You may also want to invest in accessories like stools, cafe chairs, ottoman lounges, recycling bins, and lighting solutions. 

Plan out the aesthetic of the entire area so that it fits your workplace in a way that you can appreciate.  

Determine How You Want It Set Up 

You have to also think about the actual room where the board will be set up and how it will be used. Are you planning to have it serve you for group lectures or less formal meetings?

Think about how many people will be taking part in the sessions and what that means in terms of visibility and how you would like to situate the board. Some companies go with freestanding boards while others mount them. 

Decide on what material you prefer as well. Whiteboards are made with a variety of different materials today, including glass and porcelain. This will affect your choice in writing utensils, along with the upkeep of the board and the visibility that you can expect from it. 

Shop for the Right Price

As you shop around for a white board, make sure that you also think in terms of price. There are several companies that you can shop with, and they can provide you with quotes on whatever board you're interested in. 

The board that you need for your group lessons and meetings might cost as little as $300 and can cost more than $3,000. You'll definitely need a customized quote if you need a board that can take up an entire section of your office wall, or if you need specific dimensions. 

You may also get more competitive pricing and discounts when you also combine your whiteboard purchase with different types of office furniture. 

The company can offer you a consultation on your office needs so that they can recommend the right whiteboard for you, along with any other office and productivity supplies you need.  

Choose the Best Whiteboard for Your Needs

Having a whiteboard is a tried and true brainstorming tool that you'll appreciate having in your workplace. 

Now that you have the tips above, you shouldn't have any problem finding whatever whiteboard you need to improve your workplace. You're steps away from free-flowing ideas and a productive office when you find a company that has plenty of whiteboard and other supplies in their inventory.  

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