It depends on where you are. All of our products on the online store are under the manufacturers "Quickship" program. We have selected only products that will ship in 3-12 days from order date.

Custom furniture orders will depend on product type, quantities, finish options and time of year. Simplova will always inform you of expected delivery times by the manufacturer as we work together on your order or project. 

That is a great question. It's one we get alot. On our store website, we try to have shipping included as much as we can. We work with suppliers who have a freight program built into their pricing structure. We also use Canada Post a lot. If we are working on a order with lots of complexity, product mix and multiple locations across Canada then Simplova works with a freight broker to get you the BEST possible rate we can. Our priority is be able to get your product to you as cheap as possible. Everytime.

Yes & No. Unlike, retail home furnishings, commercial furniture is almost always custom built. Example. A chair order that has fabrics is considered custom. If you decide that you don't like the color you selected once it has arrived, unfortunately I cannot take it back. The manufacturer will not allow a return. If the chair has damage from shipping or a manufacturer defect, then we will of course take a return or have the chair fixed. There are some products that are "off" the shelf and we may be able to take that type of product back depending on the reason. We have to address those cases on a one by one basis.

We always aim for make sure our customers love our products, so we’re happy to work with you on any instance that comes up. Email us at and we’ll take you through the process..

We do! We have teamed up with an awesome Canadian design firm to give you top level design services for larger projects or detailed planning. We will need you to go to our project registration page for all your project info. This will allow us to give you the fastest turnaround time. For smaller projects, Simplova will handle in-house.

Yes! Just enter your email in the footer section below, and you’ll be added to our subscription list. You’ll be sent updates, exclusive offers, and much more.

Another great question. We might have to at some time in the future but we don't think it's 100% necessary.

Our goal at Simplova is to offer you top quality products and service at the best prices possible. If we can achieve that without a storefront then we can pass those operational savings onto you.

Covid-19 proves that businesses can survive by phone, email and video conferencing.

No problem. Please email us at We will get back to you as soon as we can. Your busy, let us do all the ground work for you .