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Our standard roller shades consist of a fabric that rolls onto and off an aluminum tube thanks to a chain mechanism or motor. This type of shade is our most versatile product as it offers the widest range of options. Go ahead and choose the best alternative for your buildings’ window coverings. These shades will meet all your specific needs while also being simple and easy use, no matter what the degree of intimacy needed.


  • Our most versatile product offering the most options;

  • Available with manual or motorized control systems;

  • Allows for the fabrication of tandem or multi-mechanism shades;

  • A range of component colors is offered to help match with fabrics;

  • Available without or with semi-open cassettes.

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Super-versatile Absolute 2.0 System

Our Absolute 2.0 system is available with or without motorization. Because it is versatile, it can be used for simple shades and for tandem or multi-mechanism shades. It incorporates a device that allows for the adjustment and the height uniformity of each base for the tandem shades. In addition, its adjustable tip facilitates the levelling of the shade during installation. Choose the "Day & Night" option, available without cassette. It’s an open roll version, a system with two shades providing two different levels of brightness and privacy depending on the time of day. It’s perfect to get exactly the level of privacy you want. Absolute 2.0 is available in a wide range of colours and is offered with or without cassette. In short, it’s everything you need to customize the look and finish of your window coverings and give the desired look to your rooms.

Motorization with cutting-edge technology

Our motorized shades optimize both the comfort of a room’s occupants, and a building’s energy efficiency. Our technical team works with world leaders in motorization to offer you the latest technological advances. The motors offered are available in different sizes and use different modes of communication, giving your customers the ability to specify the option that best meets the project needs. Battery motors are suitable for smaller window coverings and operate with easily replaceable or rechargeable batteries. This is also an option if there are no power sources near the windows. Motors with power cables are ideal for bigger projects where the shades are larger.

Superbly designed solar protection fabrics

Our solar protection fabrics come in a wide range of designs and colours. For best results, be sure to choose a fabric that combines the openness factor, shading coefficient, visible transmission, solar transmittance, and solar reflection that suit your project’s needs. As the fabric colour may also affect outward visibility, it is also important to take this into account. Our experts are always here to help you.

Cassettes designed to complete window coverings

Our cassettes are the perfect accessory for updating and refining a window covering’s appearance. Our cassettes harmonize the mechanism housing with the look of a room.


  • Available in different colours;

  • Semi-open model;

  • Protects shades from dust accumulation.

Bottom bars that enhance the aesthetics of your shades

Our bottom bars offer your shades an attractive and practical finish. They serve as weight to guide the shades down and will stop them from lifting too high. Our aluminum bottom bars are available in a range of colours to match all components. They can be inserted into the hem or covered with fabric. A range of shapes and styles is available.

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