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Home Edition - Tables

The foundation of productivity is a dedicated place to work. Choose between an industry best-seller and a brand-new, space-saving design fit for any room.

Home Edition - Chairs

All-day energy requires all-day ergonomics – and the comfort that comes from commercial-quality engineering. Find at-work support and at-home styling with two award-winning chairs.

Home Edition - Accessories

Do more and push the boundaries of what you can achieve in a day’s work with essential workstation add-ons and enhancements.   

Reya™ - Home Edition

Official business or family business, Reya provides a dedicated place to work when you’re home. Rounded corners and slim, modern design fit in almost any room. Its patent-pending, 60-second assembly means you’re ready to roll in about the time it takes to reheat those leftovers – no tools required. Escape the clutter (and kitchen table) with a customizable look and feel for any home office.

The 60 Second Desk



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